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to Let their clients experience the Records and Information Management facilities and how InfoFort staff handles the day-to-day working in these facilities.
As a solution, 360 Video was chosen to the fact that no other format can give the viewer a closer to life, immersive experience as virtual reality. Hence a 360 VR guided film tour detailing the data management process was proposed, this also insured the privacy of the facility and clients can always experience the warehouse and how they function on a 360 video player platform on desktops or using VR Headsets and smartphones hassle free. 360 virtual reality combines storytelling with technology, two things that are important to provide a compelling, immersive and fun experience to the audience.


When it comes to 360 and VR films, Kiyany Media developed many solutions from aerial 360 video capture to walk-through simulation in virtual space, tracking objects in 360 footage to stitching, grading, and stabilization in post-production. We followed a unique approach to deal with client requirements, budget and on-field challenges with innovating 360 VR video and film solutions on the go.