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About ARküb

We’re all about imagining, designing and creating that interactive experience—giving you a new way to tell your story. At arküb, we want to help you tell tomorrow’s story today—in a way that captivates consumers, inspires engagement and generates a new kind of conversation.

ARküb – comes from the word “bukra” which means in arabic tomorrow – began its adventure in Dubai in 2013, classifying our company as a pioneer in augmented and virtual reality in the UAE.

Virtual reality experience

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Our Work

We help build products from idea to launch. We're experts at creating interactive experiences using AR, VR, kinect, iBeacons and developing apps for various platforms, from small to large screens, with or without wearable devises. Here's some of our work.


AR VR Development tools

Our Services

Augmented and Virtual Reality

We enhance marketing campaigns and add values to promotions by integrating AR and VR experiences, with or without wearable devices.Read more

Augmented and Virtual Reality

3D Projection Mapping

Wether you have an indoors or outdoors event, we can help you add this little spark that will attract the attention of your guests.Read more

3d projection mapping dubai

Mobile App Development & Gamification

Thanks to the background of part of our team, you will find a twist of gaming in the projects we develop. And we make sure it is heard about. Read more

Mobile App Development & Gamification

360 Video Production

Wether you would like to integrate some 360 Videos in one of your productions or upcoming events, we can help you. Read more

360 Video Production Services

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